What is It & How Does It Work?

VA Verify is a feature we implemented here at VirtualAssistants.ph to help combat phoney resume profiles from being created on our site. This not only helps keep you safe from scams, but it also ensures that the person you are communicating with, is actually the person they claim to be.

Each resume profile is given a VA Verify rating from 0 to 100%. We recommend only contacting jobseekers with a rating of 65% or higher.

If a jobseeker’s rating is below 65%, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not who they say they are, but it might mean they aren’t taking this seriously, and you should proceed with caution.

We created the VA Verify feature using our own unique formula. It measures a combination of multiple sets of intricate data points, along with specific steps and actions performed by our jobseekers.

VA Verify Badges:

Not only will our jobseekers be given a unique VA Verify percentage rating, you’ll also be able to view specific badges at the top of their resume profiles, which they have earned, after completing certain steps or actions.

These badges only represent a small portion of their overall VA Verify ratings, but we have found these to be important aspects when hiring the best candidates.

  1. Active User Badge

    Active User Badge

    This badge only shows up on jobseeker resume profiles if they have recently logged into or have been recently active on our website.

  2. Government ID Badge

    Active User Badge

    This badge is given to jobseekers who have uploaded a photocopy of their government issued ID, as proof of identity, and has a significant impact on their overall VA Verify rating.

  3. Facebook Verified Badge

    Active User Badge

    This badge is given to jobseekers who have verified their real Facebook account by linking up with our VirtualAssistants.ph Facebook application.

What Should I Use VA Verify For?

We suggest using the VA Verify rating as a guide to help you navigate through resume profiles. It is by no means a perfect solution, but for the most part it is extremely accurate, and we have yet to encounter any significant issues with it. We are always testing and tweaking the VA Verify algorithm to make it better and better.

Important to Note:

Remember, the higher the “VA Verify” rating, the greater the probability is that their resume profile is legitimate. The VA Verify feature does not in any way measure skill, work ethic, English ability, experience, or any other factors other than proof of identity.