Step 1: Get your affiliate link:

IMPORTANT! We're using the trusted to run our affiliate program. You will need to apply here on our JVZoo Page before you can get your unique affiliate link: Link:

If you don't already have a account you can get one by signing up here:

After you have created your affiliate account, then go back to this page to apply:

Let's break down the commission structure. We offer 40% commissions down the line for all membership options, and affiliate payouts are all recurring as long as the customer you referred continues their membership status.

For instance....

If you sell one monthly membership, you'll Make $13.98 per month (recurring) for each sale you refer! (That's 40% commissions monthly for as long as the customer continues their membership!)

If you sell one Quarterly membership, you'll Make $25.98 for each sale you refer, plus every 3 months after that as long as the customer continues their membership!

If you sell one yearly membership, you'll make a whopping $139.98 per sale, plus another $139.98 if they decide to renew after 1 year!

Here's a simple breakdown using only our monthly package as an example:

# of Sales Monthly Commissions

Make Just 1 Sale Per Day = $419/mo.,

Make Just 2 Sales Per Day = $838/mo.

Make Just 3 Sales Per Day = $1,258/mo.

Make Just 5 Sales Per Day = $2,097/mo.

Make Just 10 Sales Per Day = $4,194/mo. in recurring monthly income!

If you make the same # of sales next month, your monthly income could potentially DOUBLE! (depending on the retention rate)

Remember, you'll continue to receive commissions from each time a customer you refer renews their membership! Not to mention, this doesn't take into account the quarterly or yearly options!

Step 2: Grab Your Tools and Promote:

Just copy the code and paste it where html tags are allowed. Here is how to get your affiliate code:

getting affiliate code

1. Login to Jvzoo. Once logged in, Click Affiliates then Approved Products

getting affiliate code

2. Look for Virtual Assistants Product and click GET LINK.

getting affiliate code

3. Copy your affiliate link and paste it on the field below.

getting affiliate code


Make sure you had pasted your affiliate link above before using the code below or just replace # in the href field with your affiliate link

Banner 1: 468x60
468x60 affiliate banner
Banner 2: 728x90
728x90 affiliate banner
Banner 3: 336x280
336x280 affiliate banner
Banner 4: 336x280
336x280 affiliate banner
Banner 5: 300x250
300x250 affiliate banner
Banner 6: 300x250
300x250 affiliate banner
Banner 7: 250x250
250x250 affiliate banner
Banner 8: 200x200
200x200 affiliate banner
Banner 9: 160x600
160x600 affiliate banner
Banner 10: 120x600
120x600 affiliate banner


Please remember to change your affiliate link and edit the NAME CODES in the swipe email!

Interchangable Email Subject Lines / Titles:
Email 1:
Email 2: